Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Feel the Heat - Body Heat

Feel the Heat Week continues with my review of Brenda Novak's Body Heat.  Check it out and be sure to leave a comment to enter into my random drawing of ALL 3 HEAT BOOKS - they're AUTOGRAPHED TOO!

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Sophia St. Claire has been appointed Chief of Police in her small hometown of Bordertown, Arizona. But not everyone wants her in this lofty position. Sophia is determined to prove herself worthy after twelve illegal aliens are shot at point-blank range by a mysterious killer.

As Sophia diligently scours the crime seen, a Department 6 hired gun, Roderick Guerrero shows up to lend a hand. Things begin to heat up as Sophia recognizes this handsome man as the high school guy she once stood up. Rod immediately feels the same attraction to Sophia as he did in school, but with his estranged father, Bruce, two half-brothers and a bitter, angry and hateful step-mother nipping at his heels, Rod has his hands full and refuses to give into the pressure.

The heat continues as two locals are murdered and rumors begin to swirl from Sophia's shaded past. Can Sophia put aside her feelings for Rod and her stepfather? Will the killer be closer than she thinks? Find out in Brenda Novak's Body Heat.

If you love a good, steamy mystery, Body Heat is a must read. Novak once again plots an engaging tale with romance, suspense and action cleverly weaved in.

Check out Body Heat at; also available on or anywhere books are sold.

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