Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Deep Black Pond - A Review

What going on in the Deep Black Pond?

A King who lives alone and gathers pond scum to sculpt into companions.  Queen Lilly who is afraid of aging and follows the sun around under the pond all day long.  Cuddles, an eel-like fish with a bad temper.  Qurgo, a one time great warrior that now has to carry a village of wee Peewees around on his shoulders.  And Mimi, a jelly-bean like creature called a Peewee, that accidentally falls into the deep black pond.

This story is filled with fun, and adventure about a magical land and quirky creatures that's sure to have your kids reading it over and over again.

The photographs are done by the author of the story, Morgan Kostival and are so wonderfully done you think they're real, live creatures.  I would recommend The Deep Black Pond for any young reader.

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