Sunday, April 3, 2011

From Homeless to Mascot - TurfMutt

A rescue dog named Lucky a.k.a. “TurfMutt” now helps children learn about plant science. His message is two-fold: “Paw it Forward” and “Saving the Planet, One Yard at a Time”.

Lucky's Story:

Driving down a busy street in Indiana one cold morning, Kris Kiser came upon a small puppy running down the center lane. At a major intersection, the dog froze in traffic and lay down in the street. Swooping him up while blocking traffic, Kris immediately went to the vet to ensure the dog wasn’t injured, then named him Lucky to express their mutual fortune.

Moving to the City:

A couple years later, Kris moved with Lucky to Washington, DC without a yard. Pretty soon he noticed Lucky suffered without his familiar lawn so he moved to a new place with more green space.

Lucky Becomes “TURFMUTT”

Lucky’s love of green spaces and yards led to a partnership with Discovery Education. The TurfMutt Science Program allows Lucky to tell his animal rescue story and teaches 3rd-5th graders about plant science.

Lucky was saved and now he’s ‘pawing it forward’ by helping kids save their green spaces, too.

Lucky is the furry face behind a series of educational curriculum, games and experiments that help teach students to become better environmental stewards.

He also has his own blog and Facebook page with easy-to-follow plant care tips. You can also follow his regular tweets @TurfMutt.
Check out TurfMutt at;
Photos by OPEI Education & Research Foundation.

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