Monday, February 28, 2011

The Monster on Top of the Bed - a Review

Kids' late-night frights is nothing new and an imagined monster under the bed can be scary.  But what would happen if the roles were reversed and the monster wasn't under the bed but on top of it?

Karrit a cute, fuzzy, red monster isn't hiding under the bed to scare Suzy, he's hiding because Suzy scares him.  With all her jumping and stomping, plus her eating habits of pan-cakes, Toma-Toes and hot-dogs, Karrit is sure Suzy's a monster.
The Monster on Top of the Bed is written by Alan H. Jordan and is sure to delight.  The illustrations by Manuela Pentangelo are lively and full of detail - they virtually jump off the page!   This book is one of the best I've read. 

In addition, this book also comes as an audio book, that plays on an iPod, .mp3 player or CD as well as being translated into Spanish and Italian.

Are you looking for a fun, unique way to raise money for your school?  The Monster On Top of the Bed has that covered too and we'll bring you those details on Wednesday of this week, plus we'll be GIVING AWAY a starter fun-raising package, so check back!

Check out The Monster on Top of the Bed at; or to order your copy click here

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Alan said...

Thank you for an interesting, accurate review. I look forward to seeing your presentation about how moms can help their schools raise money using books, chocolate and popcorn.

Alan Jordan

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