Thursday, February 10, 2011

Emptying the Nest - Review

With this tough economic climate more and more young adults are failing to make the transition from their childhood home to total independence.  This can pose an array of problems for both you and your budding adult.

Before you jump into the turbulent waters of forcing your "child" to move on, you need to grab a copy of, Emptying the Nest, by Brad E. Sachs, Ph.D.

Sachs will show you how to effectively communicate and make this difficult transition less painful for you both.  Through Sachs' practice he has help countless families effectively "launch" their young adult.  He gives actual stories that demonstrate that the seemingly impossible is possible.

Let's face it, no one wants to "kick" their child out into the cold, cruel world, but with the help of, Emptying the Nest, you will be motivated and encouraged to give your child that boost they need.

Emptying the Nest Launching Your Young Adult Toward Success and Self-Reliance, is available on palgrave macmillan or Amazon.


sim only said...

i like this review very much.....

Sandie lee said...

Thanks =)

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