Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Organize Your Life in 3 Weeks

We could all stand a more organized life.  Beverly Coggins has a wonderful plan to get you going.  Check it out!

To celebrate the new year, I'd like to announce my new "Organize Your Life in 3 Weeks" series.

These products were created for the organizationally overwhelmed - an email sent to you each day for three weeks, breaking down the task at hand into bite-sized pieces.

These new products include:

~  Rethink Your Life in 3 Weeks
~  Declutter Any Room in 3 Weeks
~  Organize Your Kitchen in 3 Weeks.

More products will be added regularly.

January is a great time to get organized! Let us help you take the first step to get your life organized now!

For more information, visit Bev's site at;

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