Thursday, January 6, 2011

Kids, Parents & Technology

Are your kids constantly on the computer?  Do you know what and who they are interacting with in cyberspace?

Now there's a book that can help you and your family navigate the sometimes confusing issue of kids and computers.  Kids, Parents & Technology:  A Guide for Young Families is a must have for any parent in this day and age.

Author Dr. Eitan D. Schwarz, addresses these concerns;

~  How can we use today's technologies to improve our family life and children's development?

~  How can we apply sound knowledge, experience, and clinical thinking to the collaborative use of interactive technologies in our homes?

~  How can we harness the power of technologies to raise better kids in better families and prepare them for a life in a technology-rich world?

This book is written in an easy to follow format as Dr. Schwarz has broken it up into sections, using charts and examples for added ease.

Here's more of what you can expect;

Part 1 - Setup and Quick Start Guide - Children Brain ages Birth - Eight
Part 2 - User's Guide - Leading your Family
Part 3 - Food for Thought - Videos, Playing, Media Play Therapy

To learn more about, Kids, Parents & Technology:  A Guide for Young Families, check out their web site at;

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