Saturday, January 1, 2011

Jack the Kitten is Very Brave

Jack and Machu are brothers.  Machu is very brave.  And so is Jack...or so he thinks.

Jack the kitten loves everything pirate - the swords, the language, the buried treasure.  The only thing Jack doesn't like about the pirate life is the WATER!

Will Machu playing bathtub-pirates be enough to convince Jack to join him?  Can Jack overcome his fear?

Find out in the adorable book, The Adventures of Machu & Jack; Jack the Kitten is Very Brave by Tabitha Grace Smith.

I LOVED this book!  The story was cute, adventurous, yet simple enough that kids will understand and be able to follow along.

The wonderful illustrations by Mindy Lou Hagan are wonderfully silly.  Hagan's ability to show expressions on Jack and Machu is perfect - I even giggled a couple of times.
This book would be perfect for any child, but especially those that may have a fear of swimming - plus who doesn't like pirates...ARRRHHH!

Check out The Adventures of Machu & Jack at;

You can order up a copy on Amazon or check out; for products with my new favorite kitties, Machu & Jack.

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