Monday, January 31, 2011

Do You Speak Bog?

Flark:  a long pool of water between two strings, or ridges, of peat.
Hummock:  a small, round, raised mound of peat moss in a bog

Unfortunately, most of us have never had the opportunity to visit a bog, or if you're like me, you most likely don't know much about them...until now.

Big Belching Bog will take your young readers on a fantastic journey through the Eco-system of a bog with its many hidden mysteries.  For example, did you know many species of birds, butterflies and plants call this place home?  Or that the water is so acidic in a bog that only one species of frog (the Wood Frog) can tolerate and flourish in its waters?

Big Belching Bog by Phyllis Root is a wonderful look at a real-life bog.  She has written this tale not only to be educational, but to be fun and mysterious (find out why it belches).  The illustrations by Betsy Bowen are bold and bright and will have your little reader riveted to the pages as the story unfolds.

Check out Big Belching Bog at the University of Minnesota Press or Amazon

You read my review, now check out the sneak peek trailer of Big Belching Bog

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