Sunday, January 23, 2011

Axis Sally - The American Voice of Nazi Germany

She started out with a dream in a small-town in Ohio. The year was 1928 when she walked into a newspaper office and tearfully declared the love of her life had abandoned her, pregnant and alone. She then took out an add asking for any information leading to the whereabouts of her lost love. The next day she proceeded to write a suicide note, leading the authorities to the top of a bridge, where she sat perched ready to jump…
Mildred Gillars always had a flair for the dramatic and was desperate to be on stage, in the lime-light at any cost. However, after several failed attempts as a Broadway actress, “Midge” followed the love of her life to Germany hoping to some day be his wife.

When war broke out in September 1939, she had already been living there for five years and refused to flee back to America. Was it pride, prejudice, love or the hunger for fame that led to the start of her infamous career as Axis Sally?

Axis Sally, The American Voice of Nazi Germany by Richard Lucas is a fascinating look at the life and trials of Mildred Gillars a.k.a Axis Sally.

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Roger said...

Mildred Gillars was not the only woman to be prosecuted after the war for being 'Axis Sally'.
For details of the two-fold 'Sally' identity and information about German propaganda broadcasts to the world during the Second World War, see my new book 'Hitler's Radio War', available now from Amazon and other reputable book sellers.

Roger Tidy

The Queen of Swag said...

thanks so much for participating in my wednesday blog hop. already following you.

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