Saturday, December 11, 2010

Where is That Sock?

Ever wonder where that 'other' sock goes in the dryer? It embarks on a whole new adventure in the land of "Sockramento." And oh what adventures it will have.

Meet Footenbarn the star sock of this wonderfully, punny book for kids. It features a full cast of unique socks and other articles of clothing that live in a world where "Smackberry" - a unruly lint ball, makes life interesting for Footenbarn and his four friends.

The Adventures of Footenbarn Hot Seat, by Jeff Gibson and Shahrook Oomer is a must have for any family - think Bart Simpson only a sock (and not so crude).

This book is hilarious and the big, bright, bold illustrations by Michael Gorospe, only add to this fun adventure.  Grab a copy today!  It makes a great stocking stuffer.  Any child (or adult) will love this book.

Check out their web site for more fun and a look at the book;

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