Thursday, November 25, 2010

MeeGenius Books

MeeGenius!, a new reading, bookstore and publishing application for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Web users, has just introduced two titles, just in time for Thanksgiving!

Don't let the "I'm Bored Blues" ruin the holiday, send the kids online to read two new Thanksgiving titles by MeeGenius Books - and some old favorites too.

Who Are They? 

MeeGenius! is a new reading, bookstore and publishing application for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Web users that was founded by parents Wandy Yeap Hoh and David Park, and is already receiving rave reviews from parents, media and industry groups. The application has been downloaded thousands of times from iTunes and is among the top ten paid book apps on the site. It was highlighted in iTunes’ as "New and Noteworthy,” then "What's Hot," and most recently as an iPad "Staff Favorite."

MeeGenius! is constantly adding new titles to its collection, offering new stories to purchase and download every month. Features that users have grown to love, such as personalization of characters in the stories, audio playback and word highlighting, make the books fun and easy to read along with, while also helping to develop reading comprehension skills.

Here's what one young reader (Mara Cobb) had to say about Sarah's Thanksgiving;

“Sarah’s Thanksgiving” by Dina Mann and published on is an informative, yet entertaining picture book. Kate believes that the Pilgrims and Native Americans celebrated Thanksgiving by eating pie and canned cranberries. However, when Grandma comes over for Thanksgiving, she tells Kate differently. Grandma asks Kate if she knows the story of the first Thanksgiving, which leads to a discussion about Sarah Hale, a writer and editor who wanted Thanksgiving to be observed as a national holiday. Sarah wrote to many congressman and senators, never giving up. Finally, President Lincoln said that Thanksgiving shall be observed every year. While hearing Grandma’s story, Kate learns the real meaning of Thanksgiving—to be thankful for school, family, and for Sarah Hale, the Mother of Thanksgiving.

Throughout the story, each word is highlighted as the narrator reads, making it easy for young readers to follow along. The illustrations by Chelsea Lane make the story come alive.

Check out MeeGenius online at; and have a Happy Thanksgiving

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