Monday, November 15, 2010

It's National Geographic Week!

I've always been a big fan of National Geographic they are one of (if not) the best at environmental and world focus magazines and books.

Recently I had the pleasure of reviewing "Soul of a Lion" by Barbara Bennett.  If you love animals and/or Africa and feel strongly about the plight of both, this is the book for you.

A dream of mine has always been to snuggle with the large jungle cats of Africa - not normally possible unless you want to become lunch.  However, Harnas Wildlife Foundation in Africa allows this experience.  And it's totally safe!

Can you imagine feeding baby baboons, sleeping with a cheetah, bottle-feeding a young giraffe or just experiencing wildlife at its fullest?  Author Barbara Bennett did this and more at Harnas in Nambia where nearly 400 orphaned, injured and abandoned wild animals are cared for by a team of volunteers, family and one dedicated, loving women - the owner of Harnas - Marieta van der Merwe. 

Soul of a Lion: One Women's Quest to Rescue Africa's Wildlife takes the reader on an incredible journey of one women's quest to make a difference in the lives of so many hurting animals and the lost and needy children and bushmen of Nambia Africa.

Marieta never thought this would be the road her life would take.  Being the only child of a cattle farmer she assumed this would be her calling in life, but after she rescued her first animal in 1978 word soon spread that she would take in needy animals.  With the help of her animal-loving husband, Nick, Harnas was on it's way.

Come take the journey with Bennett as she personally experiences the hard work, hardships and pure joy of spending time with a menagerie of animals, including Boertji, the baboon with epilepsy and Down syndrome; Savanna, the one-eyed lioness; Gumbi the brown hyena and many many more.  No animal is too "wild" or too "far-gone" for the caring hands of Harnas Wildlife Foundation. 

"I live my dream every day.  Taking care of animals was an easy choice for me.  I am the happiest woman on Earth, not only because I can do what I've always dreamed about, but because I have the opportunity to share my dream with thousands of people in Nambia and around the globe..." [excerpt from foreword by Marieta van der Merwe]

Bennett's own personal, hands-on experience at Harnas makes this book a heart-warming and a must read tale of survival and dedication.  Bennett writes, "saving animals because each deserve to live is a guiding force at Harnas.  Virtually every animal at Harnas is being given a second chance and would most likely be dead if not for Marieta vander Merwe..."

To order a copy of Soul of a Lion by Barbara Bennett click here.  Also available in book stores.

About the Author

Barbara Bennett is a professor of English at North Carolina State University and a frequent volunteer at Harnas Wildlife Foundation.  She has written numerous articles for local magazines and scholarly publications.  This is her first book.

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