Saturday, October 16, 2010

What's Happening at the Cafe? The Whispering

Check out our latest fiction addition at Imagination-Cafe Magazine  After that read a bit more about the author, Caroline Waszek.   Here's a sneak peek of her story...

by Caroline Waszek
Oh no! There it was again. It went away for a while, but it was back. Jake couldn’t stand it anymore. He jumped off his bed and onto the sea of clothes that covered his bedroom floor. Dodging the army of trucks and cars and stuffed animals, Jake made a dash for the kitchen.

“Mom, it’s started again, the whispering, and it’s louder that ever before,” he said.

“Jake, would you look at yourself? Your clothes are all wrinkled and messy. Did you just pick them up of the floor and put them on? How many times have I asked you to clean your room? Besides that, the whispering noise is probably the wind against your window shaking the old frame. Now, go and clean your room,” his mother said.

Jake opened the front door and looked outside. No wind. Not a single branch was moving. Slowly he walked back to his room. He had to find out what was making that noise. Just then his sister came into the hall.

“Sarah, you’re big and smart and can solve anything right?”

“So I’ve been told, now what do you want?” his sister asked.

“There is a whispering sound in my room that won’t go away. Can you come and listen to it?” Jake asked.

“No way. Your room smells like old stinky socks and there are moldy crumbs all over the place.”

“Come on, just have a quick peek?” Jake pleaded.

"I’ll stand in the doorway but that’s as close as I get,” she replied as she stood in the doorway and slowly leaned into Jake’s room.

“That’s not whispering. It sounds like singing to me. You probably forgot to turn off your radio and good luck finding it under all that mess. Plug your earphones in next time so the rest of us don’t have to listen to your awful music and your problem will be solved,” and away his sister walked holding her nose.

Jake rummaged through his room and couldn’t remember having so many empty boxes of strawberry puff cookies lying around. Finally he found his radio and earphones but the radio wasn’t on. He sat and listened. The whispering was still there...

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About Caroline;

I am the mother of two wonderful children, ages 5 and 7 and they are the inspiration for my writing and in life in general. I am a graduate of the Institute of Children's Literature's basic and advanced courses and I hold a Bachelor of Arts in English and History. By day I am a Registered Massage Therapist, which is physically demanding and I needed something to keep my brain going so writing children's stories has now become my passion.

Writing has always been part of my life. In grade school I kept journals and diaries and I even wrote and bound my first book back then, which I still have tucked away on a shelf. Majoring in English and History kept me writing in university but I stopped for a while until I had my children. I began reading children's books and thought what an honour it would be to be able to do this and help children learn and grow and foster their imagination. I have been writing stories for children for about 6 years, but it has only been the last year that I summed up enough courage to start submitting my work. Since then I have had a little success in the online world.

'The Whispering' began as an assignment at the ICL, that revolved around an idea created from a single word "whisper", but the backbone stems from my childhood days of living in an old house that was full of creepy unexplainable noises.

My hope and dreams for the future are to have a picture book (or two or three...) published, I have about 10 of them circulating around the publishing world, and I hope to complete and have published my many middle grade and young adult novels that I have begun but are stuck in my head.

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