Monday, October 25, 2010

A Recycled Halloween

I love doing crafts and most of all I love coming up with cool ways to reuse containers, (I keep anything that looks like it would hold candy or home-made goodies).

This basket once held fresh peaches, but now has been transformed into a Halloween container fit for any gift-giving need.

What You Need;

~ Plastic produce basket (with or without lid)
~ Decorative Paper
~ Black Raffia String
~ Orange Ribbon
~ Halloween Stickers
~ Glue

I simply cut paper to fit around the basket and glued into place.  The same for the orange ribbon.  I then unravelled the Raffia String, made a bow in the middle and glued in place at the end of the basket.  Repeat for other side. 
Hint:  To hide the ribbon ends you can place a sticker or make smaller bows or just criss-cross as I did for this one.

The lid had holes already in it so I weaved the Raffia as it comes off the roll in and out of the holes leaving some slack at the top - glue in place.  Cut a length of paper or ribbon for the handle and glue.  Decorate with Halloween stickers (optional).

Fill with goodies.


Makes a great project for the kids.  And the recipents LOVE it.

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theladya said...

When passing out candy to trick or treaters Thursday night I was happy to see several trick or treaters with handmade Halloween buckets to collect candy. Very cute idea and easy to make.

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