Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Nito and Chloe Get an Invitation

Nito's tale continues as he and Chloe make their way to Washington DC, where Nito will be awarded the Service Dog of the Year award.

But first, Nito gets to ride high in the sky on an airplane, take a rest in a fancy hotel, then visit all the wonderful Washington sites - like the zoo and museum.

Nito and Chloe Get an Invitation by Judith M. Newton, is the third book in the Nito series.  This book is wonderful and once again helps children see through the eyes of a service dog as he helps his disabled owner, Chloe.

For more information check out the Assistance Dogs of the West web site or visit Amazon.com

Now that you've read the reviews, leave your comment in this blog spot for your chance to win all 3 copies of, Nito the Assistant Dog of the West.  I will do a random drawing on October 12th.

Good Luck!

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