Thursday, October 28, 2010

Boo Tin

The BIG day is almost here, are you ready? 

If you're stuck for a nice way to deliver a Halloween treat to a special friend, family member or even someone in the hospital, nows the time to pull out all those old cookie tins you've been saving. 

Hint:  Didn't keep any tins?  Check the craft or dollar stores for inexpensive containers.

What You Need:

~  Tin container - any shape or size
~  Black and Orange acrylic craft paint
~  Decorative Ribbon
~  Stickers
~  Black Foamy
~  Glitter Glue/Regular Glue
~  Black Raffia String
~  Cardboard Letters
~  Tiny Decorative Craft Stars
~  Blue Glitter
~ Thin Craft Wire
~  Spray Glue

Paint the tin with black paint and set aside to dry.  Paint B O O letters orange, dry then orange glitter glue them, dry.

Cut and wrap decorative ribbon around dry tin, glue in place.  Glitter glue around the top and bottom of ribbon (optional).

Take decorative stickers and stick to Foamy.  Cut around.  Take 2 inches of craft wire and twist around pencil to coil.  Take coil and glue to back of foamy-sticker.  Space around tin and glue into place.

Take lid of tin and spray a light coat of glue and sprinkle with blue glitter - shake off excess.  Place small glitter stars around the top and rim of lid (you may need to use craft glue to keep them in place).

Place B O O where you want and glue into place.

Fill with your favorite treats and wrap raffia string around to give extra hold.


This craft is easy and from the heart.  Plus, it's good for the environment.  Have fun =)

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Toyin O. said...

Very creative, thanks for sharing!

Just also wanted to thank you for visiting my blog and your gracious comment.

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