Thursday, October 14, 2010

Abigail and the Royal Thread - Review

Believe, Abigail, believe...

Billy's frustrated with is inability to hit a ball, so Papa tells him an inspirational story of, Abigail and the Royal Thread.

The Rutherfords were known throughout the land for having the best cloth.  Abigail, the only lass in the family, wants to help by learning to spin the wool from the sheep into thread.  But every time she tries it's never quite good enough. 

One day the Laird Adam, who owns the land the Rutherfords live on, came and asked the family to make a tunic for King James - and they only had 2 weeks!  For this task he would give them the land they so carefully tended.

Will the Rutherfords meet the deadline?  Will Abigail finally get her chance to weave the royal thread?  Find out in, Abigail and the Royal Thread by Betty Turnbull.

Set in the 18th century, this book is a wonderful tale and a fun peek into rural Scotland.  Children will learn about the power of perseverance and the region's history.  In addition, Abigail and the Royal Thread also includes a, Time Line of Events in the Life of King James I.

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