Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Explore Rocks & Minerals

Back-to-School week continues with my review of this awesome book entitled; 'Explore Rocks and Minerals by Cynthia Light Brown and Nick Brown.

Is your child into discovery?  'Explore Rocks and Minerals' would make a great addition to their library and this book is also packed full of fun things to do and learn about.

Explore Rocks and Minerals takes your child on a journey using simple language and a cute cartoon gopher as their guide.  In addition, there's also a dictionary, jokes and easy to follow fun.

Here's a bit more of what 'Explore Rocks and Minerals' has to offer;

20 Great Projects like;
  • Make Your Own Igneous Rocks
  • Have a Sed-Sandwich for Lunch
  • Make Your Own Fossil
  • Take a Walk Through Time - the 10 million year stepping
  • Tongue Twisters
  • Play Ig, Sed, Meta
  • Heat + Pressure = Rock Makeover
  • The Soda Pop Experiment
Explore Rocks and Minerals is a great book for a raining day or any child that loves to learn and be hands on - perfect for homeschooling. Check out Explore Rocks and Minerals and all of the awesome books by Nomad Press at;

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