Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Teen Artist Talks

This 12 year old artist is amazing, so I just had to find out a little more about Amanda and her wonderful ability.

How long have you been drawing?
Drawing like I am now? Since I was about eight years old.

Have you always liked to draw?
Yes, very much!

Do you want to be an artist when you get older?
I guess so. (Ponders for a moment) I wouldn't exactly say that that was something I wanted to shoot for. I wasn't planning on being an artist. It just kind of came naturally and then it became a hobby. Or the more I do it then perhaps it would give me something to shoot for when I get older.

What type of things do you like to draw?
People, plants, animals. Pretty much anything when it comes to drawing. Also imaginable things.

Any advice you have to other kids who'd like to be an artist?
That's a real tough one! (Ponders again) If you have more than one talent and one of those talents is art, don't feel that you have to choose right here and now what that talent is going to be. Some of those others talents could wear off as time goes on and art could be your main talent. There's no written rule that says you have to be one thing when you get older. Because it doesn't hurt to be more than one thing when you get older. And art isn't something that's done with pencils and paints. It can also be sculpting and music. But if you main talent's art, then go for it! (Art isn't just a gift, it's perfection.)

Thanks Amanda.  I sure her future will be bright regardless of what she does :)

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Lana said...

WOW! Such great words of wisdom from such a young mind! I'm impressed with both her words AND her talent! You go Amanda!

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