Thursday, August 26, 2010

Peanut Butter & Co...Mmmmm

What could be more back to school than Peanut Butter?  But why settle for plain, ole boring peanut butter when you can awaken your kids taste buds with one of the fabulous flavours from Peanut Butter & Co?

Peanut Butter & Co pantry is filled with gourmet tasting PB, but with prices that you can afford.  For example, slather on some Cinnamon Raison Swirl or add a dollop of Dark Chocolate Dreams to your favorite fruit.  Like it spicey?  Peanut Butter & Co also as a taste treat for you.  The Heat is On will add pizazz to that plain cracker while still giving you all the nutritional value of normal peanut butter.

Other flavours included;

~ The Bees Knees
~ White Chocolate Wonderful
~ Mighty Maple
~ Old Fashioned Smooth
...and more

Plus, all these wonderful flavours come in either jars or easy squeeze packages. 

In addition to awesome peanut butter, PB&Co also carries Jams, Jellies, Baking Mixes, Nuts & Snacks Marshmellow Fluff (strawberry, raspberry and original), as well as Snack in a Box (crackers and peanut butter in one easy travel package).

Can't decide what to go with?  No problem.  Peanut Butter & Co also has Nutty Gift Assortments, perfect for gift giving or sampling on your own.

Check out Peanut Butter & Co at;

Want a chance to win 3 jars (1 jar of White Chocolate, 1 Jar Chocolate and 1 jar of Cinnamon Swirl) from Peanut Butter & Co, speciality peanut butter?

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Good Luck :)


Meg said...

Signed up! I love PB& CO!

Sheena said...

Signed up! love PB&CO's PB! I havent tried white chocolate wonderful yet so im exciteddd

Megan said...

AWESOME! PB&Co rocks.

Lisa said...

Being a peanut butter 'nut', I have been dying to try a white chocolate peanut butter ever since my childhood memories of a vanilla peanut butter (can't recall the brand) invaded every cerebral lobe and won't let go.

Outside of spooning straight from the jar, I would love to come up with some recipes using all of your flavors! BTW, also a diehard 'fluffernutter' chick, so seeing you sell the 'fluff' really piqued my interest! :)

cheercfa07 said...

I signed up! I LOVE White Chocolate Wonderful!


Tree said...

Hi Sandi,

The link in the newsletter to enter the Promo Code is not working. :( Can you email it to me please? Thanks!

Fun On a Dime Lady said...

I'm signed up for your newsletter!

funonadime (at) gmail (dot) com

Fun On a Dime Lady said...

Oh, when does this end? I hope I'm not too late!

Lindsay said...

I am confused. I signed up for your newsletter but when do we figure out who won the PB?? Dyingggg to try it!! I'm in a hugeee nut butter phase!!

Imagination-Cafe Magazine said...

Hi everyone;

Just to clarify...the Promo Code is in The Cafe Buzz newsletter that went out Sunday September 5th.

Once you have the promo code email it to;

I will do a random draw on Sunday September 12th. Winner will be notified by email.

Thanks and Good Luck =)

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