Monday, August 23, 2010

Check This Out...

Amazing Africa Projects You Can Build Yourself by Carla Mooney is a wonderful book full of cool projects and information that will keep your child busy for hours.  Africa is part of Nomad Press's Build-it-Yourself series for kids ages 9-12.

This book thoroughly explores Africa, the people, the culture, their traditions and amazing wildlife.  But unlike other books that just talk about Africa, this book actually includes 25 hands on projects that can be done using household items.  Some of the projects include;

*  Make your own Rainforest Vine
*  Make your own Ndebele House Painting
*  Make your own Dogon Antelope Mask
*  Make your own Zitumbuma (Banana Fritters)

In addition to these cool projects, Amazing Africa Projects also includes interesting facts, historical information as well as a glossary for those words that are a bit tricky.

Check out Nomad Press's web site at; for more information on Amazing Africa Projects and all of their fun books.


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