Thursday, July 22, 2010

Shiva's Arms - Review

Imagination-Cafe Blog is part of the Shiva's Arms Blog Tour. Here is my review of Cheryl Snell's awesome book, Shiva's Arms. Be sure to stop by again tomorrow for my interview with Ms. Snell and she will also be available to answer your questions.


Shiva's Arms - Review

When two cultures clash, both vying for the love of one man, the consequences will be explosive.

It’s a story of boy meets girl…

Alice, a pale, head-strong hippie who loves to paint meets Ramesh, an intelligent Indian with not-so-traditional values. They fall instantly in love. The only problem is, Alice is not the “chosen” bride.

Meet Amma, mother of Ramesh, whose deep devotion to all things Hindu instantly dislikes Ramesh’s bride…

…“Shame! This is your fault only,” Amma yelled, shaking her fists. “You godless girl, you have weakened my family, my son’s caste lost because of you!...” { excerpt from Shiva’s Arms.}

Will tradition win out over love? Will Amma ever accept Alice as part of her family? Read this poignant and fascinating tale of two cultures, ‘Shiva’s Arms’ by Cheryl Snell.

I couldn’t put this book down. Snell did a wonderful job weaving the Hindu language and culture into this tale of love. In addition, the author adds the recipes to all of the delicious dishes that are found throughout this novel.

Shiva’s Arms is a must read and is available on or check out the blog at;


Ruth said...

I also loved this book, we are using it for our book club!

Imagination-Cafe Magazine said...

Great! Thanks for stopping by :)

Sandie lee

Cheryl Snell said...

Thanks so much, Sandie, for the lovely review. I'm looking forward to our visit tomorrow.
Ruth, I hope you'll be there, too!

nanette said...

Hi Cheryl,

Stopping by to tell you I love your book,love Alice, the hippie girl and I love how she acts at the end of your book. I am also trying to cook those recipes, but might have to let my husband, who is a better cook!


Cheryl Snell said...

Hi Nanette,

Not to worry -some of those dishes, like the bese beli, can hide a lot of mistakes!

Thanks for liking Alice. She could use more friends!

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