Sunday, July 11, 2010

It's "Kid-Lit" Week

To kick off kid-lit week, I thought a review on a cool new "bookmark" would be appropriate. Check it out...

I don’t know about you, but I never know what to do with the various greeting cards I receive. I hate to throw them out, so I end up just piling them all into a box – out of sight out of mind.

Recently, I was given an “In My Book…the Greeting Card and Bookmark in One.” I love it! This card came in a bright red envelope made just for them. The perforated edge easily turns the card into a bookmark – Fantastic!

These wonderful cards/bookmarks are made from heavy-duty water colour paper and are available in 15 different styles. Each card begins with the greeting "In my book..." and concludes with such sentiments as "you're novel", "you're the last word" and "you're top shelf.”

So stop throwing money away on cards that end up in a box or the garbage, get the two-in-one, In My Book greeting card/bookmark, and let the fun begin.

Check out more details at;

About In My Book;

The cards have been acclaimed in the press (Publishers Weekly calls them "sentimental greetings that make endearing gift enclosures") and by such stalwart library supporters as Sandy Dolnick (founder of FOLUSA), Blake Carver (founder of LISNews) and celebrity librarian/author Nancy Pearl.


Reluctant Writer said...

I sometimes think bookmarks is a loss art. Especially these days with e-books. This is a nice idea. Who doesn't like a two for one deal. Have a great Monday!

Imagination-Cafe Magazine said...

Thanks for stopping by. These bookmarks are beautiful!

I'm not a big fan of ebooks. I still like to curl up with a book, the feel of the pages, the can't beat it :)

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