Monday, July 19, 2010

Cafe Writing Contest - 3rd Place - Susan Wiener

Our first writing contest was a great success and as a special thanks to our winners we will be showcasing them here all week - Writing in the children's genre is not as easy as it may sound, so these folks deserve a big round of applause.

Here is our 3rd place winner, Susan Wiener, with her entry "Are You Meant to be a Writer?"

Suzan L. Wiener has had many articles on writing, short stories, poems and shorter pieces published in major publications such as Mature Living, Mature Years, Imagination Cafe, Complete Woman, Canadian Writer's Journal, The New Writer, Cross&Quill, FellowScript, The Writer's Ezine, Mocha Memoirs, NEB Publishing, Saturday Evening Post, MetroSeven (Australia), Family Circle, Woman's World, etc. She has won several contests.


Are you Meant to Be a Writer?

Many times I’ve been asked how I knew I wanted to be a writer and recently I’ve taken the time to really figure it out – I knew from the tender age of ten, so yes, even youngsters can know they’re meant to write.

For me, it all started when I sent in a question to a crossword puzzle magazine and they sent me back one dollar. For a kid, that was a lot of money and I was hooked! I then sent in jokes, and short poems which were accepted in several magazines.

Here are some important traits to have as a writer, whether you’re ten or fifty...

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Julie Musil said...

This article included such practical tips for kids. Plus, they were not scary or intimidating. Great job!

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