Saturday, July 24, 2010

Cafe Hot New Addition - FREE & FUN

Check out our newest, fun addition to the Cafe - Krumbs Dog-Detective

Krumbs Here

Guess what happened to me…

…I’m a dog-detective and it’s TOP SECRET – shhhh – even Cookie doesn’t know.

I’ve been asked by a special team of agents to help them stop a gang of nasty, feline-fact-theives.

Who are these crazy-cats?

They’re one ruff-tuff bunch that are trying to stop YOU from learning anything NEW. Can I depend on you to help stop their wicked plot?

All you have to do is ask – ask questions, that is. Once these kitty-culprits see all your queries, they’ll be lured over here and we can nab them.

I’m ready to use my super-sniffer-dog-detective skills to search out the answers for you. Are you ready to help catch the feline-fact-theives?

Have fun and help get to work. Leave your questions in the comments section…and be careful.

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