Thursday, June 17, 2010

War and Love - Joker One

"War is Hell."

I never truly appreciated these words until I read Joker One - A Marine Platoon's Story of Courage, Leadership, and Brotherhood.
Campbell gives us a moving narrative of life as a commander of a forty-man Marine infantry platoon (Joker One). The reader is immediately thrust into taking a closer look at what these brave men endure and the decisions they're faced with everyday. From battling language barriers, insurgents, bombings, disease and the loss of life, Campbell tells it like it is.

Living in a peaceful country, I don't think many of us truly grasp the concept of war or being directly involved in the fighting efforts of Iraq.

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This would make a great gift for any Dad that enjoys a gripping tale of leadership and loyalty.

Want to win my copy of Joker One? Just leave a comment in this blog spot with your email address and I'll do a random draw on Sunday June 20th.

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D.M.Cunningham said...

My dad is currently in Iraq directing convoys into very high risk areas. I think he would enjoy and appreciate this book very much. He works with these brave soldiers every day. This book sounds really interesting. Thank you for sharing!

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