Friday, June 25, 2010

Sara Snacker - Unique, Original and Yummy!

Summer Week wraps up with an interview with CEO of the Sara Snacker Cookie Company - these aren't your ordinary cookies.

Check out what Sara had to say;

Tell us a bit about yourself

My pleasure! I’m Sara Leand, and I’m the CEO of Sara Snacker Cookie Company. I live in New York City with my husband and daughter, and I love being a working mom and entrepreneur.
Tell us about your company - Sara Snacker

Sara Snacker Cookie Company is a new specialty foods bakery that sells a unique line of cookies, treats, and more. My goal with all of my products is to put a bit of fun spin on retro tastes and bring people back to their childhood.

Have you always loved cookies/baking?

Yes! I have always loved baking, and some of my fondest memories are hours spent baking with my grandmother when I was a little girl.

Which cookie is your favorite?

Asking me to choose a favorite cookie is like asking me to pick my favorite child! Right now, I’d say my favorite is the T.W.ookie, which actually stands for The World’s best cookie. It’s an oatmeal and white chocolate chip cookie that has a bit of a salty edge. It’s both crispy and light and doesn’t taste anything like your usual oatmeal cookie. The Chipn’etzel™ will always be a favorite as well!

Your cookies are so unique, which one is your most popular?

My most popular cookie is the Dark Chocolate Chipn’etzel™. A Chipn’etzel is a shortbread cookie baked with potato chips and pretzels inside! This is the cookie that launched my business. I also sell them in White Chocolate and in Original (just dusted with sugar), but the Dark Chocolate is my top seller.

How do you come up with new flavours?

I come up with new flavors just by experimenting and having fun in the kitchen!

How many stores do you have and where?

Right now, Sara Snacker cookies are in over 30 stores, mostly in the New York area, including such popular stores as Zabar’s and Gourmet Garage. We’re working on adding new stores every day. All of our products are also available online at

What other "goodies" do you sell?

In addition to all of our cookies, like the Chipn’etzel, the Vanilla Milkshake Cookie™, the Lemonade Cookie, and more, I sell really delicious homemade Hand Pies with apple or cherry filling, a homemade version of Tootsie Rolls®, white chocolate hand-dipped Twinkies®, and dark chocolate hand-dipped Devil Dogs®. For someone who has a sweet tooth but might be looking for something on the lighter side, I have Fat-Free, All-Natural Fudge Brownie Bites, too!

Can you order your treats over the internet?
Yes, everything can be ordered from for shipping in the continental US.

Anything else you'd like to add?
Just thank you so much for chatting with me, and I hope everyone will come and check out Sara Snacker Cookie Company on Twitter and Facebook, and to join my Yummy Club at as well!


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