Thursday, June 3, 2010

Footenbarn - More Than a Sock

Ever wonder where that 'other' sock goes in the dryer? It embarks on a whole new adventure in the land of "Sockramento." And oh what adventures it will have.

Meet Footenbarn the star sock of this wonderfully, punny book for kids. It features a full cast of unique socks and other articles of clothing that live in a world where "Smackberry" - a unruly lint ball, makes life interesting for Footenbarn and his four friends.

The Adventures of Footenbarn Hot Seat, by Jeff Gibson and Shahrook Oomer is a must have for any family - think Bart Simpson only a sock (and not so crude).

This book is hilarious and the big, bright, bold illustrations by Michael Gorospe, only add to this fun adventure.

Check out their web site for more fun and a look at the book;

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