Monday, June 14, 2010

Father's Day Week Continues...

...Celebrating with Dad on Father’s Day
by Marina Chernyak

Every father has a remarkable impact on his child’s life. He serves as a role model who contributes in molding his child into the person he/she will become. He is the real-life hero who, in the eyes of a little child, can make impossible things come to reality. He selflessly gives of himself, and leaves an imprint that will last a lifetime.

On this Father’s Day, you may be one of the millions who wish to pay tribute to this highly significant man in your life – your father. On that one special day, celebrate with your dad and take the opportunity to repay his unconditional love with your thoughtfulness.

So here are some valuable tips you may wish to consider in making that day memorable for your dad, and even for yourself.

GIVE A CARD - Whether you buy a card or make one for your dad, express your sentiments preferably in your own handwriting. Tell him plainly how much his is cherished through the years.

MAKE A SCRAPBOOK – You may also take time to make a scrapbook, with each page revealing how much you appreciate his presence in your life. Each picture shown and every word you write will surely touch his heart as he reminisce memories of the past spent with you.

CALL HIM – If dad is away, you can spare some time to give him a call. Ask him how he is doing, and tell him how he means to you as a father. Words don’t come easy to some, if not most, but surely you need to say them most especially to your dad.

BUY HIM A GIFT – Depending on your budget, you can buy dad a gift from a variety of choices – a new tie, a book, a music CD collection of his favorite artist, a leather belt, a new wallet, or any other personal items. A royal treatment at a spa is bonus gift for such wonderful head of the family, who make ends meet to provide for your needs. You may treat him and mom to dinner or buy them tickets to a movie.

DADDY’S DAY OUT – You and your siblings can take over your dad’s chores, so he can have a break from his tasks even for a day. You may spend some quiet time with him, walk with him in the park or go fishing with him. It is a refreshing experience as you both make new memories together.

GIVE HIM A FOOT RUB - Let your dad relax in front of the TV, sit comfortably on the couch, watch his favorite sport while you give him a foot massage.

BE AFFECTIONATE – Give him a hug, a kiss and the words “I Love You, Daddy.” Let him know how much he means to you.

Most dads are men of few words, but they are definitely men of action. They provide food on the table, watch you grow from a cute, clingy baby to an independent adult, celebrate your every triumph, and silently feel every pain and heartache you go through.

A heart filled with gratitude is expressed with thanksgiving, and your dad deserves your simple yet heartfelt “thank you.”

To all hardworking, loving and dedicated fathers, we, your children, salute you!

Marina Chernyak is the co-owner of 1001Shops LLC, a one stop shop of unique imported products like Limoges, music box and many more.


Ruth Clark said...

Great Idea, Hubby loves nothing more than having the girls tell him I Love You.

Sandie Lee said...

Thanks for stopping by :)

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