Saturday, May 15, 2010

What's Happening at the Cafe?

Where does that missing sock from the dryer end up?

The Adventures of Footenbarn co-creator, Shahrook Oomer, is waiting at Imagination-Cafe to answer all your kids burning questions about his hilarious character, Footenbarn (he's a sock). And if they haven't already, sign them up for Klub Krumbs - it's FREE and easy and allows them full access to all the Cafe's fun spots.

Come on! It's Saturday and what could be more enjoyable than touring around the cafe with your kids; play some games, take a quiz or read some fun-tastic new articles like 'The Care and Feeding of Your Pet Dragon' (Doggy Bag) and 'Just Tri It' (Sports).

Check us won't be sorry.
Imagination-Cafe at; and remember to leave a question for Shahrook :)

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