Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Newest Cafe Buzz? GIVEAWAYS

Imagination-Cafe for kids is always looking for fun, free, new ways to engage your children. Even though they already have a host of fun-tastic articles, tips, games, tunes and so much more to entertain and (quietly) educate the kids, sometimes they just have to giveaway something.

Pop by Klub Krumbs, sign up for a FREE account and your kids will have full access to all the cool giveaways there. The cafes newest giveaway is, The Dragon War Relic by Berin L. Shephens.

Here's my review of this exciting kid-lit novel:

The Dragon War Relic

What do you think - is there really life on other planets?

Jared, an unassuming, hard working teenager that likes to practice his clarinet and play the latest ZBoz games is about to find out.

Gary, Jared’s best friend is sure he’s been abducted by aliens and is quick to tell anyone who will listen about his terrifying experience.

Is the truth out there? Find out when Jared is handed a strange looking ring from a stranger on the run. Jared is confused and concerned but before he has a chance to ask any questions the stranger is caught in an exploding building. Jared must now claim responsibility for the odd ring and all that comes with it.

The Dragon War Relic by Berin L. Stephens, takes the reader on an outrageous ride of suspense, mystery and crazy out-of-this-world beings. This is one fantasy book that deserves a read.
So pop on by the cafe and get your kids involved. Even if they don't enter the book draw, there's so many other great things to do, they're bound to want to stay :)

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