Saturday, May 1, 2010

Catch the Sniffles - Sniffle Buddies

We’ve all been there – your nose starts to drip and you’re caught without a tissue. So what do you do? I know I’ve had to casually (and quickly) wipe the offending drip on my…okay sleeve, but what else could I do.

Kids are the same, except with their busy hands and busy minds they automatically sniffle on their sleeve. So it’s no wonder there’s a high rate of colds and flu’s that travel throughout the classroom and schools.

Well no more thanks to Sniffle Buddies. These soft, organic, hypo-allergenic wrist bands are perfect for you or your little one. Here’s what Sniffle Buddies has to offer:

Soft Construction: made with Bamboo Velour – 70% Organic Bamboo/28% Organic Cotton/2% Poly (for stretch)

Comfortable: Absorbent to wick away moisture, cooler and dryer than cotton. Well suited to babies, toddlers, and adults.

Healthful: “Bamboo Kun” found in Bamboo is naturally antimicrobial. Even after fifty washes; bamboo fabrics still retain their anti-fungal and antibacterial nature.

In addition, these can be worn by active adults for hiking, biking, gardening, golf, yoga, tennis, jogging, or whenever you need a “hands-free” moment during allergy and flu season. Sniffle Buddies are also perfect for special needs adults or children.

Check out Sniffle Buddies web site at;

Note: I have 1 Sniffle Buddies to giveaway - the first person who leaves me a comment in this spot WINS!


Kimmy said...

This is an interesting concept (considering most children do generally use their sleeves anyway) and certainly one that's needed.
It reminds me of headbands and wristbands used by tennis players and basketball players back in the day. This is a lovely site and quite informative and kid/parent friendly, cheers!
P.S. Did you create Cookie, the Cafe Mascot? He's adorable! :-)

Sandie Lee said...

Thanks for stopping by and the nice words. My Editor-in-Chief - Rosanne Tolin, is the creator of all the Imagination-Cafe Magazine Stuff. You can check it out at;

Plus, you win the Sniffle Buddies :)

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