Saturday, May 29, 2010

Cafe Contest

Writing Contest for Adults - Imagination-Cafe Magazine is holding a writing contest for adults.

Have a great article for kids that will fit into the Cafe? Then we want to see it. Top three entries will receive prizes and publication on Imagination-Cafe.

1'st Prize; Publication/Feature on Imagination-Cafe
Copy of Writer's Guide to 2010
Interview on Blog

2nd Prize; Publication on Imagination-Cafe
Copy of From Woe to Wow
Mention on Blog

3rd Prize; Publication on Imagination-Cafe
In My Books - Book Mark/Greeting Card
Mention on Blog

Don't delay, contest ends June 15th. Send submissions to; - with "contest sub" in the subject line.

Be sure to check out the style and content of Imagination-Cafe magazine, so your submission will qualify.

Good Luck!


AddMoreColor said...

When you say articles for kids...does that means kids are the audience or are we writing something kid education, entertainment, parenting etc? pls let me know..this sounds like fun

Sandie Lee said...

Yes kids are the audience. You can check out the cafe to get an idea at;

Thanks :)

Aysha said...

Is this contest still on?

Sandie Lee said...

Yes most definitely. It's on until June 30th see the bottom of blog for more details :)

Good Luck!

Aysha Iqbal said...

I already did submit it in. I just wanted to make sure the June 30th was for this contest. COuld you verify that you got my entry (aysha Iqbal)

Sandie Lee said...

Yes we have it. We'll be looking at entries after the June 30th deadline and making an announcement of the winners and emailing them personally.

Thanks and Good Luck :)

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