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Rosemary's Potpourri - Interview/Giveaway

Rosemary Phillips, President of Rosemary's Potpourri and Scent of a Name, was kind to take time out of her busy day of mixing and blending her wonderful scents to answer some of my questions. Check out her interview with me below and be sure to enter into the draw for a personalized perfume.

Could you tell us a bit about yourself?
I am a country girl and a mother of three. Every year my kids and I plant a huge garden that includes just about every fruit, vegetable and herb imaginable.
There are times when we sit down for a meal, and everything on our plates is from the garden. Many of the ingredients in our potpourri are gathered and grown right here on our small farm. Being self-employed gives me the ability to spend time with my family.

Tell us about Rosemary’s Potpourri?
I’ve always dreamed of self-sufficiency. Many years ago, I worked at a landscape center. Part of my job was pinching the spent blooms from the flowering plant material. It bothered me to throw away all the beautiful half- dried blossoms, so I started researching the idea of making potpourri. The next thing I knew I was in the potpourri business!

In 1989 I filed for a business sales tax number and I’ve been successfully running Rosemary’s Potpourri ever since. When you’re running a business is it important to follow trends, meet customer demands, and offer something new. I noticed that the market was starting to become a flooded with potpourri and fragrance oils. I knew that I needed to come up with something new and exciting to offer my customers if I wanted to stay in business.

In 2004 I trademark my newest product line Scent of a Name® personalized fragrances. I thought of the idea when I noticed that customers would buy fragrances and essential oils because their name matched some of the oil ingredients.
Scent of a Name is unique because of the way they are created. We start the formulation by researching the meaning behind your name. A fragrance word association process is used to create a scent for each individualized name.

What is in your product line?
We offer four essential product lines. Potpourri, Rosemary’s Fragrance oils™, Rosemary’s Essential Oils™, and Scent of a Name® personalized fragrances.
What is your best seller right now – Tell us about that
Scent of a Name is currently over 50% of my company’s revenue. Most people find it impossible to find their name spelled correctly on products. We love to personalize fragrances for unusually spelled names. We are on a mission to make Scent of a Name® available to anyone, regardless of ethnicity or uniqueness of their name.

There are other company’s that make fragrances for kids, but none that are personalized with their uniquely spelled name right on the bottle! What tweens want a Disney character on their perfume/cologne? Most tweens feel they are too old for that.
When I first invented Scent of a Name, my plan was to fade out all my other lines. After serious consideration I decided that this would not be fair to my long time customers that have counted on me to supply them with potpourri, essential oils and fragrance oils throughout the years.

You custom blend products – Tell us about that process
This is one my favorite parts about my business! I custom blend potpourri to match your wedding colors, school colors, or just about any color or fragrance you want. I have stock potpourri all ready mixed with natural botanicals that best represent each fragrance name. But if you want yellow and blue potpourri to smell like watermelon, I can do that too.
I have recently been invited to gift the famous Kardashian sisters of Hollywood with our special product blends.
Are you just retail or do you wholesale as well?
I have a small warehouse where I manufacture, fill orders, and ship our products. Our retail store is online at:
We have several specialty wholesale accounts within the Midwest.

Where are your products available for purchase?

Would you consider your product line hypo-allergenic?
I always have to chuckle when I hear that term. There is no official certification that an item must undergo before being described as hypoallergenic. It simply lacks a medical definition.
It honestly cannot be said that any product is really non-allergenic.
I can tell you that I use many 100 % pure essential and natural oils such as Avacodo, and Grape seed oils within my products.

Anything else you’d like to add?
A person must be passionate about what they do in order to be successful. Running a company can be quite challenging at times, but the rewards are extremely self-fulfilling.
Lastly, what does your name smell like?
Our exact formulas are trade secret, but I can tell you that my name is a blend of fruits and spice.

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The personalized products are so neat, so be sure to join in for the giveaway.

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