Sunday, April 25, 2010

Recycling is for the Birds!

Want to have fun with the kids, do something great for the environment, plus help the birds? Then read on.

Spring marks the time when all our feathered-friends are busy bopping around looking for nesting material. And I bet we all have a few things lying around waiting to be recycled that can help them with this task.

Craft Paper: little bits of craft paper that didn't make it as a work of art is perfect for the birds. Just scatter or make small piles around your yard. Shredded paper works too.

If you want a more time consuming project, give the kids some paper, flexible cardboard or an old paper bag and have them cut or rip strips, about 10cm by 5cm. They'll have a great time knowing it's for the birds.

Dryer Lint: What better way to dispose of dryer lint than to give it to the birds? Place wads of lint under trees or even among the branches and watch it disappear. This makes a soft, clean lining for Mommy bird to lay her eggs on.

Pet Hair: Fido may be shedding because of the warmer weather so let it fly. Birds love to gather up fluffly dog or cat hair and use it to weave throughtout their nests or use it for a soft inner layer.

Twigs: After a long winter there is bound to be a lot of twigs lying around on the lawn. These can be gathered up as well and placed in small piles - the birds will thank you.

Recycling these items is a great way to have fun as well as teaching the little ones about nature.


Retro Girl said...

We put the dryer lint out by our bird feeder all the time and it disappears within a day or two! We live in a semi-rural area and have plenty of birds visiting us as well as mice in our shed (LOL having families in our garden gloves!) This is a great post! Never thought of using dog hair....our border collie has enough for 50 birds I think lol

Sandie Lee said...

They LOOOVE pet hair. When my collie was with us his hair was a favorite among our feathered-friends.

Thanks for stopping by :)

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